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Working With Startups

Working with Startups Working with startups is exciting yet challenging. As during the teething phase, startups are quite volatile and you hardly find sustainability. Many startups even struggle to meet their liabilities and glide into debts earlier than expected. In such conditions, it is very hard to decide for many to start their career with a startup or a well-established

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Tips for Conducting Training Needs Analysis

Training workers is a costly proposition for the companies, both as far as the expenses related to the improvement and delivery of training and the members’ time away from work. More costly, however, is the cost of lost business because of poor – quality items and administrations delivered by unskilled employees. The main issue for organizations is that training interventions

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8 Tips to Retain your Talent

Key employee retention is significant to the long haul well-being and success of your business. Directors willingly agree that retaining your best employees guarantees consumer loyalty, product sales, content coworkers, and profoundly implanted organizational knowledge and learning. With regards to employee retention, tech enterprises have the highest turnover rates of any industry. Retaining top employees is a struggle for many

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7 Essential Apps To Manage Virtual Teams Effectively.

Virtual teams, flexible work hours, work from home, and different time-zones aren’t only vanity perks reserved for high paid executives. These practices are fast becoming the norm; especially in tech world. Modern businesses have come to understand the importance of productivity and value over micromanagement and control. All they want from their employees now to deliver the best solutions possible

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Graphical job advert V Textual job advert

Being a #digital #product #developer, I like aesthetics however my focus is always on user experience and usability. These days it is a common trend to create graphical job adverts and share them on different social media platforms but question arise is: Whether those are productive or counterproductive? #Visualization Textual adverts really don’t have visualization at all, they look dull

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